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Conspiracy Subculture Influence on the Mass Media November 29, 2007

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Conspiracy theories; some are stupid, but some are interesting, intellectual, and mind-provoking. Consider this…television’s popularity sky-rocketed in the 1960’s. Senator John F. Kennedy battled Vice President Richard Nixon in the first ever Presidential candidate telecast. The first live murder caught on video was that of President John Kennedy. Turns out, the JFK assassination was one of the most controversial conspiracy theories of all time. The monumental moment of the NASA astronauts landing on the moon was viewed by 94% of the U.S. television population. Note also that the 9/11 attacks were all caught on tape and still images were taken at the Pentagon and Pennsylvania case. Conspiracies started surfacing not only but a few years after the initial attack. Theorist are able to take these videos and still images and tort the meaning and truth. It allows them also to spread their case to a larger audience whether that be through print or internet by using visual mediums. The theorists behind conspiracies, such as the Kennedy Assassination and the 9/11 Attacks, are aimed at achieving popular control, manipulating public consensus and influencing public attitudes by providing alternatives to messages given by the media. The power of being connected to the internet allows these theorist to send out false messages to the largest audience known. We are all connected.


High Definition is now in space…woo! November 28, 2007

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The NASA Space Station sent back the latest images retreived from their new and way awesome high-definition space camera. I’m so glad we have smart people working for NASA.

Not only are the astronauts using high definition to complete their assignments, but they are being broad casted in high definition.


At 24 or more frames per second, high definition can pull and capture some of the most detailed places on this earth and now beyond. High-definition put Antarctica into focus:

I’m sure there are surveillance cameras out there that aren’t grainy or pix-elated, but what about a high definition surveillance  camera with clear images of killers, robberies or any other criminal behavior?…


Word Press

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I mean this is a new innovation, right?  Yes it is.  In 2003, this blogging site kicked off and by the end of the year, there was about 2000 blogs registered.  Now there is 1.8 million blogs registered to this site.  Get this:  I was having a few problems with my internet connection before writing this blog so I had to refresh the main page a few times.  When I first logged in, the number of new posts published today was about 7100.  After refreshing a few moments after, the new post number jumped to about 7900.  After noticing the huge change, I instantly refreshed again; somewhere around 8400.  From the time it took me to type out the words above, the number increased over 400; 8994 new posts today.


Computer-generated Images November 27, 2007

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According for Forbes, the porn industry has a revenue of over a billion dollars.  A new style of porn has hit the internet.  CGI Porn, or also known as “Poser Porn” and “Renderotica”, surfaced on the net just a few years ago.  The animator can “create” characters or actors with any appearance; incorporating unnatural or improbable bodily proportions.  The CGI figures can assume positions that would be unnatural or impossible to perform in real life.  The animator has complete control over his or her figures meaning their characters cannot refuse to perform.  Is this wrong?  Would a sexual predator get it’s psychological “fix” from feeding it online verses real life?  Will this eliminate or at least decrease child molesters world wide?  How disturbing this is, it is true.  I think it is still an issue of concern.  It should be illegal being that the person control the figure is still perceived as a child.  Blah, whatever…I think it’s gross either way.


Problems with VoIP

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Some of the challenges VoIP can face are available bandwidth, delay in network frequency, jitter, echo, security and even reliability. Bandwidth works like a filter or a communication channel. This communication channel can be shared therefore availability could be interrupted. The network frequency could only have a short range in your area causing a delay, or the person you are communicating with could have a problem with their network which would delay the whole conversation. Jitter is an unwanted variation of one or more signal characteristics in electronics and telecommunications, but it highly common. Jitter can be distinct and recognizable if it shows successive pulses/amplitude, frequency, or a phase of successive cycles. Echo is common with video communication on VoIP. This could be a malfunction in the microphones on either end or another network frequency shortage.

As innovation in technology expands, the people living in this world will want and need to expand their minds. Technology has a window of opportunities lying within the internet. It is the revolutionary technology of our time. Relationships can be built, maintained and benefited over and through the power of the internet. Voice-over Internet Protocol has serviced other programs like Skype and with an increase in success, there will be an increase in revenue. Families and friends will travel the world knowing they can communicate at a fair rate. Airfare will benefit from an increase in traveling. Hotels with Wi-Fi and Voice-over IP protocols will see an increase in consumers. Neighboring businesses with deals overseas with be able to close a transaction with one phone call or one video conference. The world is connected.


My Story and Voice-Over Internet Protocol

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Shouguang City, China rests over 8,000 miles away from our little town of Cleveland, Tennessee. In February of 2007, my best friend got engaged to a wonderful man. She was also my roommate at the time. Once she and her new fiancé announced their wedding party, one name on the groom side did not ring a bell in my mind. “Josh,” the fiancé said. “Josh?” I replied with a puzzled look. “Yes, Josh, you met him a year ago at my house when we had that Halloween party, remember?” “Oh I remember. The curly haired guy! He made me laugh.” “Well,” said the fiancé, “you should get to know him even better because you’re walking with him in the wedding.” With that information, I quickly logged onto the popular social networking site, After looking him up, I sent him a quick message announcing the news of my awesome roommate’s engagement and the fact that we will be spending time together at the wedding. Upon sending the message, I noticed that the location of where he was from, (or location he was currently living in) said “Shouguang City, China.” “China?!” I thought to myself. Either he was just being silly on Myspace, or maybe he really does live in China. Browsing through his page, I wondered back to view his pictures. “He looks Caucasian,” I said to myself. I talked with my roommate the next day and came to find out that Josh was in an English teaching program in China and well I found that extremely interesting so I logged onto Myspace and found a message from him. Josh was interested in me. He asked great questions about where I was from, how I like Lee and how long I’ve known my roommate. I responded and elaborated on every question. I then asked him questions about his life in China, before China and why he chose that program. We became great pin-pals or e-pals (electronic pals) I like say.


China is an exact twelve-hour time difference from Cleveland, TN. When I woke up in the morning, I had message waiting for me from Josh that he had written before starting his day. I then would write back before I ended my day and so on and so on. We quickly found out that the “online” notice that Myspace is equipped with was blinking every time we would log on. Josh and I were online at the same time and then thought it was silly to keep sending emails and messages when we could just talk instantly. He wrote one day explaining a new innovation he had downloaded on his computer to keep in touch with friends and family members in the states.

Skype is a voice-over internet protocol system that not only allows you to instant message, but it also allows you to call cell phones, land phones and computers with the same program. That was enough convincing to me. I downloaded Skype right away. Around this same time period, my brother had emailed me from Iraq telling me of Skype as well. He told me to buy a webcam and I could talk and see him. Again, that was enough convincing for me. Josh and I used this technology to the fullest. We were able to call and use the web cam, tell jokes, talk all day, talk all night. Josh always put a set amount of money in his Skype account and would call from his computer to my cell phone for only two cents a minute. When I used my cell phone, oops, to call his room number in China, it would cost fourteen dollars just to connect the call and then a killer twenty-one cents a minute. Of course cell phone providers offer an international package but even then rates and taxes can cost quite a bit. Believe it or not, Josh and I were able to fall in love soon after his return to the United States. We were able to build and maintain an incredible relationship from the power of a message and a conversation. Dialogue with Josh today is comfortable, fluent and unproblematic since we have such a strong foundation. I am sure Josh and I would have met eventually in life, but through voice-over internet protocol and even social networking, it definitely made it uncomplicated.
Stories in history remind us that letters through mail can be lost or delivered incorrectly causing confusion, heartbreak and turmoil and sometimes leading to an eternal break-up of a relationship. Those relationships, both business and personal, can be lost and sometimes never started due to long distances.

Voice-over Internet Protocol has a lot of answers to many of these challenges. Internet itself became internationally popular in the late 1980’s and electronic mail started a new wave of sending a message. With the increase in internet speed over the years, the more instant these messages started to send. Even though Josh and I began emailing each other when we first made our initial contact, we quickly discovered that we craved more of a personal touch to our messages. Instant messaging definitely helped but voice to voice conversation and of course putting a face to it made it that much more pleasant.


Let’s talk about how cool Apple is. October 1, 2007

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Right on their site, I found 2 reasons that sold me:

1. It just works…

How much time have you spent troubleshooting your PC? Imagine a computer designed by people who hate to waste time as much as you do. Where all the hardware and software just works, and works well together. Get a Mac and get your life back.

2. You can make amazing stuff…
Every Mac comes with iLife, a suite of software that transforms your photos, music, and video into all kinds of projects. Make high-quality websites, photo books, DVDs, songs, slideshows, music CDs, calendars, cards, prints, podcasts, music videos, documentaries, and more.

Unfortunately I didn’t realize how amazing Macs were until AFTER I purchased my Dell Laptop. You can read a previous blog on that purchase.

I enjoy Windows and knowing that I can run it on a Mac…well now I just feel like a dummy for sinking so much money into this computer. That’s really what I think about Apple products in general; they are just superior. But yet, I have not bought an Apple product. Ponder this: If a non-Apple consumer loves Apple this much, then how much do the Apple innovators and supporters love Apple?